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Marian & Bob Bailey

Keller and Marian Breland taught their first animal trainer classes in 1947 and 1948.  They used chickens as models.  The Brelands spent many years searching for a better behavioral model than chickens, but they always came back to the common barnyard fowl.  Bob and Marian Bailey continued using chickens to teach novice and experienced trainers.  With Marian's passing, Bob will continue the Bailey & Bailey tradition.

Bob Bailey's philosophical point of view on teaching animal training is that training is a mechanical skill and the understanding and skillful practicing of a few simple behavioral principles are keys to trainer success.

THE LOCATION of most of the workshops is in Hot Springs, Arkansas.   Occasionally, workshops are held elsewhere around the country .

Bob uses lectures, discussions, and animal models to teach the principles of animal behavior.  Hands-on exercises using animal models, usually chickens, allow the student to learn by doing.

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The operant principles are the same for chickens and for dolphins

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