There are four levels of in-depth WORKSHOPS -
All of these classes are approved for CPDT CEUs

Discrimination level workshop:  OBJECTIVES:  Teaching fundamental principles of applied behavior analysis, mechanical skills (timing), developing observing skills, training philosophy.  This workshop is preparation for the Bailey & Bailey Criteria level workshop.
PREREQUISITES: Sufficient physical, mental and emotional capability to stand the rigors of the workshop.
TIME FRAME: The discrimination level Workshop is forty hours over five consecutive days

Criteria-Cueing level workshop: OBJECTIVES: Teach applied behavior analytic procedures; plan simple training tasks; evaluate behavior; establish reinforcement criteria for simple cued and non-cued behaviors.
PREREQUISITE: Completion of the discrimination level workshop.
TIME FRAME: The criteria level workshop is 56 hours over seven consecutive days.

Chaining level workshop:  OBJECTIVES: Teach more advanced behavior analytic procedures; plan and implement a training program; develop complex behavioral chains.
PREREQUISITE: Completion of Criteria-Cueing level workshop
TIME FRAME: The chaining level workshop is forty hours over five consecutive days.

Teaching Operant Conditioning:  OBJECTIVES: Teach behavior analytic instruction methodology; analyzing student behavior; reinforcing students; plan instructional programs.
PREREQUISITE: Completion of chaining level workshop.
TIME FRAME: The teaching operant conditioning workshop is forty hours over five consecutive days.

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