Operant Conditioning In Theory and Action: an historical perspective in video

S. Hayes

A. Bandura

K Pryor

D. Cook

K Johnson

J Brady

E Reese

S. Ridgway

O Lindsley

F Keller

S Glenn

Bob and Marian have documented on video some of the when, why, how, and what of the science and technology known variously as operant conditioning, behavior analysis, behavior modification, reward training, clicker training, and many other names. The Baileys have captured the words and activities of those who use the technology for scientific, clinical, military, and for commercial purposes -- psychologists, teachers, medical doctors, veterinarians, animal trainers -- more than 350 individuals and activity sites totaling more than 800 hours of documentation.  The work continues.

J. Vargas

W. Verplanck

M. Sidman

C. Catania

N. Azrin

R. Herrnstein

L. Reyna

S. Geller

E. Fantino

T. Maple

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