PLTC is  a true video story of Animal Behavior Enterprises.  ABE began as a dream on a small farm in 1943.  It was the first commercial application of Skinner's then-new operant conditioning.   ABE revolutionized animal training.
PLTC chronicles Keller and Marian Breland's first lessons training pigeons to guide bombs during  WW2,  and Bob  and  Marian  Bailey's pioneering work with free-flying birds and free-swimming dolphins more than three decades ago.  Together, the Brelands and the Baileys trained over 140 species and thousands of individual animals, and people too.
PLTC tells how the science of behavior became a powerful, practical, and useful behavioral technology.
PLTC is a story about science and technology, about successes and failures.  It is also about business, and putting bread on the table for a staff of 43 rural Arkansans, most without college degrees.
PLTC is a must-see video (Version 1 unabridged or Version 2 abridged for classroom) for animal trainers, psychologists, students, historians, and anyone interested in success stories.

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